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We serve more than 180 markets and own most of our facilities, giving us an unrivaled scale, efficiency, and control of our supply chain. Our global manufacturing allows tailored offerings to regional markets. It includes over 30 manufacturing facilities, including in-house, joint venture, original design manufacturer, and contract manufacturer sites in Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico, and the USA.

We manufacture most of our products in our facilities—more than most other hardware suppliers. This hybrid model helps us bring new innovations to market efficiently while having greater control over product development and supply chain for quality, security, and time-to-market advantages. Recently, Gartner ranked us #15 on their Top 25 World-Class Supply Chains list.

Full Portfolio

We deliver a complete portfolio of PCs and tablets, monitors, accessories, smartphones, smart home and intelligent collaboration solutions, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), commercial Internet of Things (IoT), software, services, and intelligent infrastructure data center solutions around the world.

We Understand Transformation

Just as we’ve transformed our business over more than three decades, we have helped countless organizations, from healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, logistics, professional services, and more, re-think the way they use technology to revitalize their business through more intelligent solutions that leverage hardware, software, and services.

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We send out virus and threat warnings to help stop issues before they happen. Your Privacy is always protected.

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