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Ensuring quality installation and setup of devices and systems helps prevent downtime and gives optimal performance for years to come.

Server Installation & Setup

We will completely engineer your server setup and installation, from purchasing the server that best suits your needs now and for the next ten years to migration of your applications and data. This will be done with minimal to no downtime for you. We can then make sure your new server stays up-to-date and error-free.

Firewall & Router Installation & Setup

We will configure and maintain your SonicWall firewall for you.  SonicWall next-generation firewalls give you the network security, control, and visibility your organization needs to innovate and increase. Our award-winning hardware and virtual firewalls integrate tightly with a broad range of products, services, and technologies to create a complete, high-performance security solution that scales to fit your needs.

Network Print and Scan

We will setup your network printer and scanner for you. Most copier companies have a difficult time setting up their scan folders to work correctly because of constant operating system updates and changes. Then adding or moving users around the office can get expensive as well. We can help!

New Workstation Setup & Installation

We will help you every step of the way, installing and setting up your new workstation, From purchasing to transferring all data from the old one. We always dot out I's and cross out T's to ensure you go back to work fast and securely.

Getting Virus Updates as They Happen

We send out virus and threat warnings to help stop issues before they happen. Your Privacy is always protected.

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