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Microsoft 365
  • Is Internet access required to install Microsoft 365?

    Yes. To install and activate all the apps in Microsoft 365 and manage your account, you need to connect to the internet. Also, updating your Microsoft 365 to the latest version requires periodic internet access. However, you don’t need internet access to use office apps like Word and Excel once installed on your computer.

  • Can I try Microsoft 365 before buying a subscription?

    Yes. You can enjoy all the services available on Microsoft 365 subscription plan for one month before you subscribe. However, you will need to provide your credit card information before you start the trial. Your credit card will not be charged if you cancel the subscription within 30 days.

  • Can I share my Microsoft 365 subscription with other people?

    The subscription of Microsoft 365 personal cannot be shared. Only one person can use it. But you can share a subscription of Microsoft 365 family with five other people, making a maximum of six users.

  • How do I share my Microsoft 365 subscription plan?

    Up to six people can use Microsoft 365 Family subscription. To share your subscription plan, visit, and follow the instruction. An e-mail will be sent to each of the users you want to share by giving them instructions on steps to follow to be included in the plan. At any time, you can remove a user or a device from your plan by visiting

  • On how many devices can I install my Microsoft 365?

    You can install Microsoft 365 on as many devices as possible but for one user if the subscription is Microsoft 365 Personal and for a maximum of 6 users within the same household for Microsoft 365 Family.

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Microsoft Edge
  • Does Microsoft Edge Have Good Internet Protection?

    The World-Wide Web, the wild-wild-West of the Internet, danger lurks all around. Cyber-thieves could use adware, malvertising, pharming, formjacking attacks, and man-in-the-middle browser attacks. Webpages may have malicious or poorly programmed scripts able to harm your computer and compromise your security. MS Edge is one of the major browsers in use, so all the reputable security software companies work together with Microsoft to create safe, seamless browsing experiences. Microsoft is continually being attacked from all sides, so its products are always being updated whenever issues are discovered.

    Even if you were to accidentally lose or turn off your computer protection software suite of products, MS Edge works with other Windows applications to protect against the most common Internet hazards.

  • What Great Things Can Microsoft Edge Do?

    The following wonderful features exist on the newest Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge, released January 15, 2020.

    • It has a new Collections feature that helps organize favorite webpages.
    • Web Note allows you to annotate web pages you find with a pen, highlighter, or typed notes. You can even do artful doodling on those pages, then save them in Edge or into MS OneNote.
    • It natively supports 4K video viewing, Dolby Audio, and Dolby Vision.
    • It runs on and syncs passwords, favorite websites, and settings on macOS, iOS, and Android. A Linux version is also rumored to be in the works for release later in 2020.
    • We are all familiar with horizontal web page tabs, but Edge also has an option to make them vertical, which is great for having lots of tabs open at the same time.
    • When you use passwords, Password Monitor will check autofill passwords against a database to see if they are in use elsewhere.
    • As with all great browsers, Edge also has a Privacy Mode.
  • How do I open a website in Internet Explorer while using Microsoft Edge?

    From inside the MS Edge program, simply click on the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen […] and select Open with Internet ExplorerNOTE: This must be done after a webpage has been opened with Edge to work properly. Once open, right click on the Internet Explorer icon in the Taskbar and click Pin to Taskbar to keep Internet Explorer available for use when needed. Microsoft states that Internet Explorer may not be available in later versions and updates of Windows 10.

  • How do I change the start page in the Microsoft Edge browser?

    By default, the new Microsoft Edge browser will open to a new start page that will show top news and local weather. To change this to a page of your choosing, follow these steps.

    1. Click the More actions menu at the top right corner of the Microsoft Edge browser. This is represented by 3 dots.
    2. Click Settings.
    3. Below Open with, select A specific page or pages.
    4. An additional option will appear which will default to MSN. You can keep this selected as MSN or click the dropdown box and then click either Bing or Custom.
    5. If you selected the custom option, a box will appear to enter a web address to be used as the home page. Enter the desired address and then click the + to add the site.
    6. If the about:start page is shown in this section as well, it will still open along with the newly added page. Click the X next to about:start to remove this page.
  • What is Microsoft Edge?

    Microsoft Edge is the new default internet browser, which provides an updated, cleaner interface to browsing the internet. Microsoft Edge also has a new feature called Web Notes, which allows you to make a personal note directly onto a particular web page and save it for later. Internet Explorer can still be accessed by typing Internet Explorer in the search box next to the Start button.

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Windows 10
  • What is Tablet Mode?

    Tablet mode makes Windows easier and more intuitive to use with touch devices like 2-in-1s, or when you don’t want to use a keyboard and mouse. To turn on tablet mode, select Action Center on the taskbar and then select Tablet Mode. In tablet mode, Start and apps (including older programs) open full screen, giving you more space to work in. To use two apps side-by-side, drag an app to one side. You’ll see where it’ll snap, along with any open apps that can snap right next to it. Use the back button on the taskbar to go back in an app or to the previous app you were using. When you’re done with an app, drag it to the bottom of the screen to close it.

  • What can I ask Cortana?

    You can ask Cortana just about anything, from “What are the latest baseball scores?” to “Change my 6 PM event to 7” or even “Tell me a joke.” You can either type your question in the search box, located next to the Start button, or click the microphone to say your question. You can even simply say “Hey Cortana” and then speak your question.

  • What is Cortana?

    Cortana is a new personal assistant in Windows 10, similar to Siri on iOS or Google Now on Android devices. Cortana provides relevant information to you based on your location, events in your calendar, and more.

  • What is the Action Center?

    The Action Center includes notifications from Windows or other applications, such as Mail. The Action Center also provides shortcuts to various settings such as changing the screen brightness on a laptop, making a quick note, turning Wi-Fi on or off, or accessing the Settings app.

  • Where is the Control Panel?

    Most of the Control Panel options are located in the new Settings app, which provides easier access to a wide variety of settings within Windows. Whether you are looking to change your desktop background, change your password, changing the power options, or any other Windows setting, it is located in the Settings app. The Control Panel can still be accessed by typing Control Panel in the search box next to the Start button.

  • What is new in Windows 10?

    One of the biggest changes to Windows 10 from Windows 8 is the return of the Start Menu. The new Start Menu will combine newer features of Windows 8 with a similar style of Windows 7, with quicker access to view all applications on the computer, shutting down or restarting the computer, and settings.

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Windows 11
  • Who can download Windows 11?

    Windows 11 is here, and the big question many users must be asking is: Will my PC be compatible with the new OS? Upon the announcement of Windows 11 earlier this year, there was a lot of confusion over device compatibility running the updated OS. Well, Windows 11 should run on most Windows 11 PCs. The basic requirements to run Windows 11 include: a 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, UEFI secure boot and TPM (trusted platform module) 2.0, though the latter one could be an issue for some. In case, you are still not clear about the requirements, we encourage you to use the Microsoft PC Health Check app. Windows 11 is available on new PCs from Asus, Lenovo, HP, and more OEMs.

    Contact US! We can make it happen in most cases!

  • Is Windows 11 visually different from Windows 10?

    Yes, Windows 11 introduces a new user interface including a redesigned Start menu and Taskbar which are now centered on the bottom of the screen. It’s more like a Mac-like interface. The Start menu has been revamped completely. Gone are the live tiles of Windows 10. Instead, the Start menu shows only pinned and recommended apps. The top portion of the menu shows a search bar and pinned apps and the lower part has recommended files, folders, and apps based on your usage habits. The taskbar is too getting a major redesign in Windows 11. The UI changes include windows with rounded corners and buttons in the middle of the taskbar. You can’t move the taskbar to the top or side of the screen. Also, there’s also no way to resize the taskbar.

  • What about Widgets?

    In Windows 11, you can now access widgets directly from the Taskbar and personalize them. You will see weather, stocks, sports, photos, and news widgets by default, as in Windows 10. They almost look identical with each widget appearing in a color-coordinated, rounded rectangle.

  • Is the System Tray is also getting a makeover?

    Another big change in Windows 11 is the combined Action and Notification Center. The idea is to simply System Tray and makes it look less cluttered. The System Tray is still on the far right of the Taskbar. Action Center has two layouts: one for notifications and the other for quick settings. The Quick Settings menu opens when you click on or tap the Wi-Fi, or battery icon. By default, it shows buttons for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Battery Saver, Focus Assist, and Accessibility, along with sliders for audio volume and screen brightness.

  • Has multitasking being improved in Windows 11?

    Multitasking is given a special focus in Windows 11, and the new Snap Layouts feature demonstrates what the OS is capable of. This is essentially a new productivity tool, and with a simple hovering the mouse over the Maximize icon in a program window’s upper-right corner, you will see a choice of different layouts. A choice of layouts will depend on the width of your display. A standard 16:9 screen will show four layout choices. But if use an ultrawide screen, you will see six layout choices. It is particularly a useful tool, which lets people quickly choose a windows layout to maximize productivity.

  • Can I download Android apps on my Windows 11 PC?

    Perhaps the biggest update in Windows 11 is the arrival of Android apps. The Microsoft Store has been completely refreshed and for the first time, Microsoft will let you download Android apps vis the Amazon Appstore which will be baked into the Windows Store. The while approach of bringing Android apps is to better compete with Chrome OS. Right now, the feature is not live in the launch version of Windows 11 but expect it to be made available next year.

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