Workstation Setup

Your Workstation

The workstation is one of the mast important machines in any business. It is where all the real work is done and is vital to your day to day operations. Having the right workstation for the job is as important as keeping it running smoothly every day. You should always expect error free performance from your workstation, and we pride ourselves on making that happen.

We will make your current workstation perform like it should by configuring it for performance and security. Just like any machine a proper tune makes all the difference. We will also make sure that any and all errors and issues are addressed and corrected to the best possible solution.

When it’s time for a new workstation we will have it shipped to our lab and it will be configured to meet your needs. We will ensure that all applications are installed and ready to work for you. All current operating system updates and patches will be installed. It will be ready to go to work.

Most importantly is to ensure that all your data is backed up and transferred correctly to your new workstation. We pride ourselves on never losing a client’s data and we are not about to start now. This is the most important part of an IT professionals’ job, to protect data. Period.

Keeping your workstation running smoothly and securely is very important. We will do this by routine operating system and application updates. Security and data backups will also be monitored and checked daily. This minimizes downtime that can cost real money.