Server Setup and Installation

We will completely engineer your server setup and installation, from purchasing the server that best suits your needs now and for the next ten years to migration of your applications and data. This will be done with minimal to no downtime for you. We can then make sure your new server stays up-to-date and error-free.

Purchasing New Server

We will talk with you about your needs and we will do a complete analysis of your current setup. Then you will be given a few different options that will best suit your needs. Your new server then will be shipped to us to do the initial setup, application installation and testing. Then it will be shipped to you for final installation.

Application Installation

We will handle all your application installations on your new server. We will contact all your software vendors and make sure that all the specifications are being met. We fully test all your applications before your new server is shipped to you. Again, minimal to no downtime is always out mission when installing a new server.

Data Transfer

Most importantly is to ensure that all your data is backed up and transferred correctly to your new server. We pride ourselves on never losing a client’s data and we are not about to start now. This is the most important part of an IT professionals’ job, to protect data. Period. Then we ask that you keep your old server in a safe place for one year to ensure that nothing was overlooked. Then we will assist in destroying and disposing of it correctly.

Updates & Service

It is very important to keep you new server up to date with operating system updates as well as application updates. We will monitor these updates and ensure they are done in a timely manner with no down time to you in most cases. We will service your new server and update drivers and firmware as needed.