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Network Print and Scan

We will setup your network printer and scanner for you. Most copier companies have a difficult time setting up your scan folders to work properly because of constant operating system updates and changes. Then adding or moving users around the office can get expensive as well. We can help!

We will setup your network printer to work the best for you. We will also help solve print functions like two-sided printing or color and black/white printing to make your workday smother and simple tasks less time consuming.

Scanning from a shared copier can be very useful and a great tool to have. But it can also be frustrating to setup and keep working day to day. Windows updates are always affecting their dependability. We will help keep you scanning!

Sending faxes from your workstation to the copier and have it sent properly can sometimes be difficult in most cases because it was never setup properly in the beginning. If you are printing a document, then going to the copier to send a fax we need to talk.

Your copier brand really doesn’t matter to us. We can manage most top brands and don’t really recommend one over the other. Our customers all have their own preferences and we can help you with the one you have. If it works you love it and if it doesn’t you hate it. They are all the same!