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Enhanced Microsoft Store

Windows 11 is bringing to you an all-new Microsoft Store that is re-built from scratch for speed and simplicity. But the more exciting news is: the new Microsoft Store brings more apps than ever before. Also, it makes it easier for you to search for apps, collections, as well as stories. Microsoft ...
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Enhanced multi-tasking

Windows OS is known for its flexibility — especially since it allows the use of multiple apps and windows side-by-side. This flexibility a notch higher with Windows 11. The reason being it offers more powerful tools for multi-tasking like Snap Groups, Snap Layouts, and Virtual Desktops. Windows 11 ...
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Improved Android apps

Windows 11 has improved Android apps support in Microsoft Store — a long-awaited improvement in Windows 10. You can now find and download Android apps from the Microsoft Store, thanks to its collaboration with the Amazon Appstore. Well, isn’t it exciting that you can now download your favorite Andr...
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Redesigned File Explorer

The File Explorer in Windows 11 has fresh new icons, esthetic rounded corners, and better dark mode options. The interface is modified to suit both keyboard and mouse as well as touch users. It is also easier to select, rename, or delete files as the ribbon toolbar is replaced by a command bar that...
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Redesigned Start Menu

The Start menu shows you the default pinned apps like Calculator and Microsoft Edge, etc. Also, the Start button is powered by Office 365 and lets you quickly access all your recent files. This includes the files you were working on — on different devices as well as across mobile OSs like Android an...
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