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Convert PDFs to Word

Convert PDFs to editable Word documents When you open a PDF in Word, it will automatically convert the form to a .docx format, allowing you to enter text into the document.
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Copy, paste, and cut

Copy, paste, and cut with keyboard shortcuts. Ask anyone who knows these shortcuts — Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste, and Ctrl + X to cut — and they will testify to their critical timesaving nature. Master these three basic commands first and you’ll find yourself zooming through document cre...
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Delete entire words

Delete entire words at a time. This is an easy one you may not know about: instead of slowly pecking at the keyboard to delete text, or holding down Backspace to eliminate words or entire sentences, press Ctrl+Backspace with the cursor placed after a word you want to erase a word at a time, maki...
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Find any word quickly

Find any word you want quickly and easily. Instead of using your mouse to navigate to the Find command, click Ctrl + F to either open the window in older versions of Word, or move the cursor automatically to the Search in Document menu that always appears in the toolbar in newer versions. Ctrl...
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Quickly zoom in or out

Quickly zoom in or out to save eye strain Some people like to work in a Word window zoomed in to 150%, while others like to eliminate the need to scroll left and right or up and down by zooming out to 75% to see a document in its entirety. Either way, use the Window > + button to choose the setti...
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