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Remote support is the fasted and most cost-effective way to get help. Whether you are looking for use on a case for case basis of ongoing managed support, secure remote support is the way to go. You get help fast when you need it without having to wait for costly onsite visits.

After going to the remote support page, you will see a few options:

  1. Build installer: This is for ongoing managed support clients and adds the ability for us to help you fast; and also, we monitor windows updates, services, software, and any issues that arise.
  2. Start a new chat: This is an excellent way to a technician about your issue or needs. Technicians are contacted and will reply ASAP.
  3. Please start a new session: This is for getting help without a support plan and will allow our technician to help you remotely.
  4. Download the Remote Support Tool button: This will download an SOS remote support program used for a per-issue basis. It can be left on your computer’s desktop for when you need help in the future.
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