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Redesigned Start Menu

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The Start menu shows you the default pinned apps like Calculator and Microsoft Edge, etc. Also, the Start button is powered by Office 365 and lets you quickly access all your recent files. This includes the files you were working on — on different devices as well as across mobile OSs like Android and iOS.

Unlike Windows 10’s Start menu’s live tile interface, in Windows 11 Start menu the apps cannot be grouped together to create a folder. However, you can now pin any app to the taskbar by right-clicking the app’s icon. The Start menu also changes dynamically depending on the time of the day — a novel feature.

Redesigned Start menu in Windows 11

You can customize the Start menu from the Windows Settings to match your preferences. For instance, you can restore the left-aligned Start button or change the icons’ sizes from the Taskbar settings in Windows 11’s Settings.