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Create Shortcut On Desktop

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For the time being the old fashioned right click on a Program > Send to > Desktop as a shortcut is missing from the Windows 10 Start Menu.  There are two work around’s to send a shortcut to the desktop from the Start Menu.

Option 1 – Drag a shortcut to the Program

Step 1

Make Sure all open windows are minimized so you can just see the desktop

Step 2


Click on the start menu, find the program you want, click on it and drag it to the desktop.  You will see the work link appear above the icon as you are dragging it.


Option 2 – Find the Program in File Explorer

Step 1

Click on the start menu, find the program you want, and right click on it


Step 2

Select More and the select Open file location

Step 3


From here you will be able to Right Click on the program, choose Send toDesktop (Create Shortcut)

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