Installations & Setups

We Will Do It All

 For 25 years and counting we have been here to respond to businesses from A to Z, municipalities, attorneys as well as home users when they needed us the most.

Workstation Setup

The workstation is one of the most important machines in any business. It is where all the real work is done and is vital to your day to day operations. Having the right workstation for the job is as important as keeping it running smoothly every day. You should always expect error free performance from your workstation, and we pride ourselves on making that happen.

Server Setup & Installation

We will completely engineer your server setup and installation. From purchasing the server that best suits your needs ...

Firewall & Router Setup

We will configure and maintain you SonicWall firewall for you. SonicWall next-generation firewalls give you the network security, control and visibility ...

Network Printer & Scanner

We will setup your network printer and scanner for you. Most copier companies have a difficult time ...