Virus & Malware Removal


Security is Job One

The first line of defense against a virus or malware attack is strong protection in the form of a firewall and antivirus software. But when all that fails to stop an attack then we perform a complete virus removal and data recovery.

Data Backups

The most important protection against a virus is strong encrypted backups that malware cannot penetrate and infect. We use 256-bit encryption that performs a backup at least twice a day.

Full Cleaning

We do a full system clean to ensure that all traces of the virus or malware are gone and cannot return. We also check the machine not infected to ensure they are not a host.

Stop the Bleeding

The first thing we do in the event of an attack is to stop the bleeding by killing the virus engine so it stops spreading and infecting other devices on the network.

Complete Assessment

Lastly, we do a complete assessment of the attack to determine the origin of the virus or malware. We determine if any sensitive data has been compromised and give you a full report.

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