Office 365 Implementation


Office 365 is Awesome

Many of our clients have moved to Office 365 platform because of the Office applications stay current so you always have the newest version. Plus, the collaboration and communication capabilities that are available. We help set everything up for you to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Email Transfer

We will help transfer and setup your email accounts to Microsoft Outlook as well as your contacts and email history. We will also help your setup for your phone and tablet too.

Collaboration Tools

We will help with your setup of Office 365 collaboration tools Microsoft Teams and Yammer. You will find these two new platforms very useful and a great addition to your office communications.

Application Setup

We will assist you in setting up and installing the Office 365 applications. We know little tips and tricks to get you started off right and make the transition fun and easy.

Help and Training

We will provide you help and training to get you and your staff familiar with Office 365 and many of the great features it offers. Our ticket system will be very helpful to you during this time.

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