VOIP Phone Systems


Why is it Time?

We are old school and have been installing and maintaining standard PBX business phone systems for over 20 years. With all the new communication features and options available with VOIP not to mention the huge savings on a month to month bases we have turned over a new leaf and are in bracing this wonderful technology.

Never Miss a Call

You can never miss a call because your phone system is not on promise any longer. So, your calls are always answered by your business auto attendant no matter what is going on at your location. (Storms, Line Down, Out of Office, With a client, etc...)

Big Savings

The best part of any new technology is how much it costs. VOIP is one that saves you in most cases as much as 50 to 60% of what you are paying now for phone service. We will do a full cost analysis for you to determine you cost and savings.

Always In

One of the best features with VOIP is that when you are out of the office you are always in. With a cell phone app, you are always connected to your phone system and calls come to you as though you are always in. When you call clients your business number shows on their caller ID.

No Down Time

We will make sure that during the transformation period that you will have minimal to NO down time. Our clients all rely on us to ensure that any new changes in technology go as smoothly as possible. Something we take great pride in.

Over Twenty Years Of Experience