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Yes, Windows 11 introduces a new user interface including a redesigned Start menu and Taskbar which are now centered on the bottom of the screen. It’s more like a Mac-like interface. The Start menu has been revamped completely.

Microsoft Edge is the new default internet browser, which provides an updated, cleaner interface to browsing the internet. Microsoft Edge also has a new feature called Web Notes, which allows you to make a personal note directly onto a particular web page and save it for later.

Yes. To install and activate all the apps in Microsoft 365 and manage your account, you need to connect to the internet. Also, updating your Microsoft 365 to the latest version requires periodic internet access. However, you don’t need internet access to use office apps like Word and Excel once installed on your computer.

Cortana is a new personal assistant in Windows 10, similar to Siri on iOS or Google Now on Android devices. Cortana provides relevant information to you based on your location, events in your calendar, and more.