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Emsisoft Business Security

Centrally managed cyber-security for your office workstations, servers and remote workers.

Companies have paid billions in ransom demands because their security let them down.

Don’t be the next victim.

Emsisoft Business Security in a nutshell

Learn how online threats have evolved | Emsisoft

To stop new and emerging threats, Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home continuously monitors the behavior of all active processes and immediately raises an alert if suspicious activity is detected.

Stop Ransomware. Before it encrypts your files.

Signature-based detection

Thanks to our intelligence gathering network and exclusive partnership with ID Ransomware, we discover new and emerging threats fast. Because of this, we’re often first-to-market with protection against new and emerging threats ensuring your endpoints are protected in the shortest possible time.

Behavior-based detection

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home constantly monitors for ransomware-like actions such as the manipulation of important processes and raises an alert if suspicious behavior is detected.

Exploit detection

Interrupts the attack chains used by ransomware. Exploit detection and attack surface reduction in common applications such as Microsoft Office ensure that ransomware is blocked, whether the vector is email, insecure RDP or unpatched vulnerabilities.

Ransomware-specific behavior

Automatically detects and blocks known ransomware behavior such as encrypting a large number of files, dropping a ransom note-like document or attempting to encrypt or delete backups. Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home delivers

Free For Managed Service Customers

Emsisoft Business Price

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Adds protection for your Windows Servers

Operate without user login

Emsisoft protection is not dependent on a logged in user to protect your data. The real-time protection begins to operate right from boot time.

Monitor connected storage devices

Any new devices that connect to your server are automatically and immediately protected. No action required.

Email notifications

Get instant email notification whenever a malicious file is detected, to allow for instantaneous response and further investigation.

Integrate with third-party software

The included Emsisoft Commandline Scanner is known to be one of the most sophisticated and flexible command line interfaces around, providing top performance with frequent scans.

Monitor file shares

Risk-exposed file servers are actively monitored and protected in real-time.

Save your server’s hardware resources

Your server’s hardware power belongs to your business, not to your antivirus. Emsisoft protection is very light on resource requirements.

Remote security-management from any device

Manage all protected devices in your organization, no matter where they are, and respond to alerts anywhere, any time. Emsisoft Management Console can be accessed via any web browser or via apps for Android and iOS. See exactly what your users see. Being out of the office doesn’t mean you have to be out of touch.

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Free For Managed Service Customers