About BestChoiceIT

We have been here along time and still going strong!

We have been serving local customers with all their electronics needs in southwest Alabama for over 40 years now. The Record and Sound Shop has been providing music, sound equipment, TV’s and car audio, furniture and appliances since 1985. The owner Arthur White was fresh out of the army when he opened in downtown Jackson Alabama.

Our IT department was developed in 1995 by Vince Holley and has grown considerably and now it’s time to share our services with businesses and municipalities across the country so we are giving the IT department their own name Best Choice IT.

We have many satisfied customers and look forward to serving all your IT needs. The future is bright for technology and we are always striving to stay ahead of new trends and tools to make all our lives better.

Our motto is the only dumb question is the one not asked, and we always try to speak in layman’s terms so clients can understand and are clear about what is happening.

Why a Lifering?

   For 25 years and counting we have been here to respond to businesses from A to Z, municipalities, attorneys as well as home users when they needed us the most. I’ve always told them, “It’s okay don’t worry I have a lifering and throwing it to you now.”

   With remote capabilities we have extended our service and support to clients outside our local area. The best part is you don’t have to wait for your issue to be addressed by way of an onsite visit. Now you get fast and secure service and support when you need it.

   We don’t just have customers but friends that are really important to us. We would like the opportunity to server you with your IT needs and add you to our family of friends. Schedule a call today and let’s’ talk.